Icepure Kennels is small kennel located in  Victoria, Australia. Icepure aims to breed Malamutes that comply with the country of origin standard so that they can participate in both the working and showing fields, as well as being happy, healthy, loving family members. Icepure's first litter was in 2009.

Icepure Kennels originally had 6 Alaskan Malamute family members: Bonnie, Bella, Bessie, Bruce, Maisie and Brewin.....and lets not forget their resident little mate 'Bruisa' the Jack Russel Terrier. But times change and the pack evolves.

Icepure Kennels is owned and operated by myself.  The first time I met a Malamute was an accidental introduction when one landed on my doorstep after 'escaping' from his home. He escaped often after that and we officially became friends. It was through knowing him that I first developed my love for Malamutes. In 2005 I purchased  'Bonnie' as a pet but ended up having a go at showing and ended up campaigning her through to Australian Champion status. I then embarked on a journey in the show dog world which I grew to love, and one dog soon grew to six. I have enjoyed multiple successes in the show ring as well as enjoying seeing my dogs run in harness with the Northern Victorian Sled Dog Club and at the prestigious A5K snow race at Dinner Plain, Victoria. Despite all of the success and enjoyment in the show ring and in harness, my main love is being at home on my back porch, enjoying the company of my amazing dogs 🙂

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Ms Beth