CH Snowsteeds Winta Whispa WTD ''BONNIE''
Bonnie obtained her Championship title and is now the Queen of the pack at home, overseeing any new editions to the family. Bonnie has an exceptional temperment which is admired by all that she meets and has carried on through her offspring.
CH Kemulvak Red Red Wine "BELLA''
Bella has matured into a lovely girl and is continuing her showing career with her son Bruce. She enjoys working in harness in a 3 dog team.
SUPREME GRAND CH. Snowsteeds Rustic Rising "BREWIN''
Brewin is lovingly co-owned with E'vette Levett. He has been expertly handled by many people and loves the showring.
He is a BIS Multi group winner and has obtained his WTD. He also enjoys the snow and working in harness with the girls.
CH. Icepure Wispa Whisky Dreamshot "MAISIE"
Maisie obtained her championship in her own time, as she did not like the showring! She also enjoys running in harness with her 3 dog team.
Icepure Wispa Darq Passion "BESSIE''
Bessie is still a work in progress in the show ring to obtain her title, we are just waiting for her to mature and will see what the future holds! She very much enjoys harness racing
Kemulvak Kiibuyat Bruce Edwrdo "BRUCE"
Bruce is the youngest member of the pack and we just have to wait and see what the future holds for this young fella.