Baby Buckley

Longest tongue ever

Beautiful Buckley

Buckley loves his ball

Buckley & little sister Audrey

Buckley & little brother Ted

Buckley & mum Kellie

Buckley running in the mini-pee wee race at the NVSDC

Buckley in the Vic Womans Fashions on the Field

Buckley having a training run with Dad

Buckley & his amazing fur!

Handsome Buckley

Buckley & his mother Icepure Winta Wispa 'Bonnie'

Buckley giving kisses

Buckley learning to swim

Buckley and Audrey


Buckley is a loved and adored member of the Elia family from Gladstone Park, Vic
He lives with a family of 4, including 2 young children whom are his best fiends!
Buckley enjoys obediance, having completed his first year at the top of his class but his favorite activity is sledding and he loves being involved with the Northern Victorian Sled Dog Club. Buckley is always involved in all the family activites and can often be found on the couch watching tv! 

Buckley is well known around his neighbourhood for his outstanding well behaved & affectionate temperment, & is often stopped so people can pat & play with him.

Photos courtesy of LC Pet Photography